Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Follow Me As I Work My Way Through Round 2 of the HCG Diet...

Last fall my husband and I completed our first round of the HCG diet.  We used sublingual drops that I mixed and ate very well with the wonderful recipes that I created.  He lost 15 pounds and I lost 18 pounds in 23 days.  We have kept that weight off, I am happy to report.

I have so many friends doing the HCG diet and complaining about the lack of variety and taste in the diet that I have decided to do a second round and journal it here on my blog.  I will be including recipes, tip tricks and such.  I do plan on writing a cookbook, but you can get it first hand, real time by following my blog each day.

When we did the diet in the fall we loaded for 3 days and we stuck with high fat content food such as fettucini alfredo, cheese cake, butter cookies, peanut butter, guacamole.  We didn't go crazy with high sugar items.  It paid off because we dropped the weight very quickly.  I have done the same thing for the last three days eating cream cheese, guacamole, peanut butter cookies, bacon, cheese, alfredo, and fresh baked bread with lots of butter.  The first 2 days I gained 1.2 pounds, but today when I got on the scale I actually lost a pound.

I was definitely ready to begin today's Very Low Calorie (VLC) diet.  It is 3:30 pm and all I have had today was a big bowl of cucumbers in my Italian Dressing along with some pan fried chicken.  I have also had a cup of coffee, a cup of hot tea and lots of water.

I mixed up a batch of Cocoa Crackle for dessert later.  It was a mainstay of our diet in the fall.  We loved eating a piece or two with a few strawberries at night.  Coconut Oil is a wonderful addition to the HCG diet because it helps to increase your metabolism, it is an anit-fungal agent which helps to battle any yeast issue that your body may have and it increase your ketosis.

I do plan on playing a little with the diet this round.  I love a low carb diet, and much research has been done since Dr. Simeon wrote the HCG diet on the benefits of low carb.  I personally did not eat many grissini breadsticks or melba toast often.  I only ate apples a few days a week and did  not eat oranges at all.  My daily fruit was usually just one serving of strawberries.  And, we lost weight very easily on the diet.  We also doubled our protein intake, and continued to drop a pound a day.

So, this round instead of focusing on Very Low Calorie, I am focusing more on Very Low Carb.  We shall see how it works.  I may try a few rouge foods, too.  I'll be letting you know what I find out.  And, I hope that helps you on your journey.

When it gets to Phase 3, I rock with the low carb recipes!  My hubby can't wait.

Tonight I will be making some form of beef and I plan on serving it over a bed of spinach with a spicy mustard dressing.  I will probably post the recipe for that this evening or tomorrow.

Until then,

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